Wayne Moffat is an energetic presenter, speaker, trainer, and performance consultant. He specialises in the areas of personal change and business consulting. While sharing powerful insights Wayne’s innovative presenting style is fun and entertaining that gets results.

Who is Wayne Moffat?

From Wayne’s first job washing cars as an 8 year old he has always looked to bigger and better things. At 18 he was introduced to network marketing and while the product was good, it was the personal development systems of tapes and books he was hooked on. Being business owner for most of his life and winning multi awards he was drawn to a greater life purpose to help others, a journey to figure out what makes a difference between those who seem to make their lives work in the ways they always dreamed and those who just settle for what they have. This decision was to change the course of his life in a way he was yet to discover.

Since then Wayne has become a practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), a Quit Cigarettes In 60 Minutes Specialist and Bigger Bite Trainer. He is a qualified Yoga teacher helping people with not only their mind but the body as well. As a result of his insatiable appetite for personal growth and helping others to break through limitations Wayne has dedicated hundreds of hours studying in the areas of personal and business development and change. Wayne is also a co-author of this special edition of the best selling book How to Get a Bigger Bite Out of Life. Wayne is the creator of his own personalised business breakthrough system that has been specially developed over countless hours to empower others to create the life that they want in business.